Kidney regenerative medicine

Humphreys lab

Towards Kidney Precision Medicines for Patients

single cell multiomics

We use single cell technologies to drive precision medicine

kidney organoids

We generate kidney organoids to model development & disease.

regenerative med

We develop treatments for human kidney diseases.

skill focus

high resolution microscopy

We use high resolution confocal microscopy to visualize expression of proteins by immunofluorescence, and mRNA by RNAscope. We also utilize three dimensional light sheet fluorescence microscopy to visualize branching of nephron-like structures in kidney organoids differentiated from human pluripotent stem cells.

published work

selected research

research projects

single cell omics

A majority of the lab applies single nucleus RNA-seq and snATAC-seq to mouse and human kidney and lung. We have generated over 3M single cell RNA-seq and ATAC-seq libraries, and perform 100% of the bioinformatic analyses within the lab. See recent papers here, here and here. Our single cell data visualization tool Kidney Integrative Transcriptomics (K.I.T.) has had > 15,000 unique users from 68 different countries since its inception.

research projects

Single cell Diabetes atlas

  • A 1-million-cell atlas shows heterogeneity in kidney cell responses to DKD and treatments
  • Mono- and combination therapies target different cells and induce non-overlapping changes
  • Combination therapies are more effective in rescuing DKD-associated transcriptional change
  • SGLT2i signature reveals a role for modulation of alternative splicing by this drug class
  • See the 2022 Cell Metabolism paper HERE.
About us

our team

benjamin humphreys md, phd

principal investigator

Haojia wu, PhD

assistant professor of medicine

monica chang-panesso, MD

assistant professor of medicine

Parker Wilson MD, PhD

instructor of pathology

yoshiharu muto, md, Phd

postdoctoral fellow

Jeffrey Koenitzer MD, PhD

instructor in medicine

yasuhiro yoshinura md, phd

postdoctoral fellow

nicolas ledru

MSTP graduuate student

Haikuo Li

dbbs graduate student

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humphreys lab

We are always seeking talented and motivated scientists who are interested in contributing to our team. Please contact us if you wish to learn more.