We are Hiring: Staff Scientist – Single Cell RNA-Seq and Informatics

The field of single cell transcriptomincs by RNA-Seq at high-throughput scale is revolutionizing biological investigation. Microfluidic droplet technologies allow co-encapsulation of a cell, barcoded DNA oligonucleotides and cell lysis buffer within a tiny droplet of about 2 nanoliters. These transformative approaches allow for parallel processing of thousands of cells with great efficiency and precision and they are already having far-reaching impacts across biology and medicine. We are applying several droplet microfluidics-based approaches including Drop-Seq, InDrops and DroNc-Seq for single cell or nucleus RNA-sequencing of human and mouse kidney and human pluripotent stem cell-derived kidney organoids. We are seeking a highly motivated individual who to join our single cell sequencing team. The primary job responsibility will be scRNA-seq data generation and the bioinformatic analysis of high dimension scRNA-seq datasets.

Training will be provided as needed, however some programming experience (R, Python) and RNA-sequencing analysis experience is required. The successful applicant will also have substantial molecular biology experience. This position offers superb opportunities for continued scientific learning and career development including primary and coauthorship, and is full time. The successful applicant will also learn all aspects of the single cell RNA-Seq workflow, including tissue dissociation, microfluidic encapsulation, library generation, sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of sequencing data. This position is well suited to PhD scientists who do not wish to pursue an independent career but want to be a part of a dynamic team ion a very fast moving field.

To apply for this position, please navigate HERE (https://jobs.wustl.edu/) and search for job opening 38003